Top 7 Reasons to Use a Sales Incentive Travel Program in 2023

Incentive travel is a type of travel that’s offered as a reward or incentive for employees, customers, or partners who have achieved a specific goal or performance level. In the case of this article, an incentive travel program for the sales team for reaching sales targets. As a means of motivating and recognising individuals for their contributions, sales incentive travel may include trips to exotic locations, cruises, spa vacations, or any of a number of other travel experiences.

With this in mind, here are some top reasons you should consider offering sales incentive travel programs to your team in 2023.

1 – Drive Sales and Exceed Projections and Expectations

One of the key reasons to offer any sort of sales incentive program is to motivate your sales team to achieve even greater success. While offers such as monthly bonuses or prizes can certainly help give sales an overall boost, with a sales team striving for the ultimate prize of a luxury incentive travel escape, everyone on the team will be even more motivated to take the lead.

How you structure the incentive scheme is up to you. The travel package reward may only be offered to the individual with the most sales at year’s end, or you could offer a group travel itinerary for the top 5 salespeople. Or possibly even the entire team if a certain target is reached.

No matter how you structure it, the promise of relaxation and adventure in an exotic location will prove to be a huge motivator for everyone.

2 – Your Team Will Build Stronger Relationships With Your Customers

With an incentive travel program in place in 2023, it will provide a unique opportunity for your sales force to build even stronger relationships with your valued repeat customer base, as well as motivate the team to target and attract new customers to your brand.

With the added bonus of promised travel opportunities at the company’s expense, your sales staff will place an even greater focus on their interaction with customers, ensuring increased levels of customer satisfaction and retention. This results in more meaningful relationships being developed between customers and your staff and this will have a positive impact on your business in the long term.

3 – Enhance Your Brand Awareness

Naturally, the more motivated a team of salespeople are, the more each member of the team is going to push and promote your company’s brand in a positive way. Incentives are a highly effective way of enhancing brand awareness and promoting your company’s products or services.

By offering incentives such as end of year trips, you can motivate your sales team to work harder and achieve higher sales numbers. This increased activity will lead to creating more visibility for your company and its products, which in turn raises brand awareness.

Having a positive and motivated team that has a strong focus on the customer experience will paint your brand in a good light and make it more memorable.

4 – Boost Recruitment, Employee Retention and Engagement

As the news spreads that your company offers its sales staff incredible incentives such as travel rewards, more and more experienced and successful salespeople are going to want to jump on board. With such tantalising bonuses on offer, it will make recruiting new staff a breeze. In fact, qualified candidates will likely come to you rather than you having to go out and find them.

Incentive travel provides your existing team more reasons to stick around and remain loyal to the company, rather than looking for new opportunities elsewhere. Sometimes, doing sales day after day can become routine and mundane but with the added excitement of possible adventure on the horizon, the sales team will be instantly more engaged and keen to boost their sales tally. After all, everyone likes to feel appreciated and be rewarded for their hard work.

If your aim is to retain your team members and attract new salespeople of the highest calibre, then incentive travel is a great way to achieve these outcomes.

5 – Gain a Competitive Advantage

By lighting a fire under your sales team with the promise of incredible travel rewards, you’ll be gaining an advantage over your competitors. If the competition is not offering their sales force any form of added incentive, chances are their team will underperform, or just do enough to keep their jobs.

In the meantime, your team will be hungry for sales and will be constantly aiming to exceed the expectations of customers in order to boost the sales total. Which leads on nicely to the next point.

6 – Sales Incentive Travel Will Boost Company Profits

Obviously, the goal of offering bonuses and incentives is to boost the sales tally, with the ultimate goal being a sizable increase in the company’s profits. For example, if the sales incentive program leads to double the regular amount of sales being achieved throughout the year, profit margins are going to be boosted exponentially.

7 – Have An Incentive Program That Combines Both Travel and Sales

Travel incentive schemes for your sales team don’t have to be limited to an end of year vacation for the winner or winners. Instead, incentive travel can combine both travel and sales, or it could be used as a team building getaway.

As an example, you might have recognised a potential customer pool in an overseas location. By organising a sales event in the location and taking your sales team on a working holiday to that destination, you can reward your team with a luxury getaway, but at the same time work at building a new customer base in the new location at the same time.

A more informal and relaxed setting like this can lead to the team creating strong bonds with potential customers, pioneering the way for breaking new ground.

The Takeaway

So, there you have 7 top reasons to consider introducing a sales incentive travel scheme for your team in 2023. Incentives are always great motivators and the offer of luxury travel as a reward for hard work will certainly pay dividends.\

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